Area Grass Type:

1. Bermuda Grass - Drought and cold tolerant. Spreads quickly, low maintenance, and loves Sunshine and warmer seasons.

2. Zoysia - Will turn brown in the cold. It is a very slow growing grass. It has stiff blades.

3. Fescue - This grass does well in the shade and is drought tolerant. Often mixed with other grasses for that quality. Loves cooler seasons.

4. St. Augustine - Is meduim to high maintenance. Does like warmer seasons. Makes a thick lawn, that crowds out most weeds.

Leaf Removal

(Another leaf season come and gone. See you next season.)
We offer leaf removal, and curbside pick up services. 

We highly recommend leaf removal on a routine basis as the leaves can smother your yard.  This will also add curb appeal and keep your yard looking sharp.  Prices will vary and are based on the amount of leaves per visit.
Curb side pickup is also available.
( No more bags or piles of leaves on the curb.)
Let us keep your yard in shape throughout the fall.

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Leaf Removal / Curbside


After No Bags 

Leaf Removal / Curb Side
Curb Side

Curbside / Leaf Removal

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Curbside Pickup
Curb Side Pickup
Lawn Care Service

Curb-Side Pick-Ups

If you can get them to the curb, but don't wanna bag... â€‹give us a call. We offer same and next day curbside pick-up.  This is beneficial if you do not want any bags or piles of leaves left at the curb.  This may be a service your city may offer, but as they often times get several weeks behind, we can be there the same or next day.  If a curbside is the route you choose and you have a sidewalk, we recommend lining them up between the sidewalk and street (see pics below for examples).  If you do not have a sidewalk, please get them as close to the curb/street as possible and make sure you remove as many sticks and limbs!!

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