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Lawn Care Service
Edging and Mowing

Lawn Care Tips:

1. It is best for grass clippings to stay on the ground instead of bagging them. These clippings will provide extra food and nutrients to help the soil and encourage good growth.

2. Never mow the grass the same way each time. For a better looking lawn use different patterns when cutting. This will help the soil and promote irrigation.

3. Best time to plant seed is after dethatching and or aerating your lawn. This will let the seed into the soil and help with new growth.

4. Try not to dethatch or aerate in the spring or summer unless necessary as this will help promote weed growth. Best time is in the fall when the weed growth slows down.

5. You should trim No more than a third off the total length of your grass. Cutting to much would be to much to break down. This would lead to an over abundance of thatch.

6. If you mow your grass at a minimum height of about 2 1/2" to 3" it will be more tolerant, hold more moisture, so would need less water, and would be stressed less during a drought. This also helps choke out weeds.

7. Remove Leaves don't let them stay on the grass all winter. Your grass needs to breath. If not removed they will mat down and smother your lawn.

​​Common Words used in Lawn Care:

Thatch - Is the accumulation of leaves, roots, and excess grass clippings. It forms a layer between the growing grass and the soil. It is a normal occurrence. I always recommend to check thatch levels in the fall.

Dethatching - Is the process of removing that compacted layer of thatch to help promote new growth.

Aerate or Aeration - Is the process of pushing a rod into the ground or coring - extracting a plug of soil. This helps by letting air(oxygen) get to the roots and letting the soil breath. Fertilizers get better access to the roots, and it helps to break up thatch. Most of all loosens up the soil. After aeration is the best time to seed.

String Trimming - Is the use of the weed eater to trim around trees, lights, rocks, fences, and sidewalks.

Edging - Is the use of a blade (the blade is usually set to cut about 1" deep into the soil) to go around the sidewalks and curbs.

Over Seeding - Is the process of adding more grass seed directly into the grass, without tearing up the existing grass or soil. Over seeding will help give you a thicker, more beautiful lawn.

Grubs - Are larval form of beetles. They live in the soil and feed off of the roots. The damaged lawn usually has large irregular spots of brown grass that can be picked up easily from the soil. The grubs need to be treated in late summer or early fall, before they mature.

Mowing and Edging
Cutting and edging

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