Leaf Removal

( Leaf removal has come to another end.  )
We can come out to remove the leaves to keep them from smothering your lawn. 
We can do weekly or bi-weekly 
leaf removal.
Curb side pickup also available.
( No more bags or piles of leaves on the curb.)
This is also a good time to get those flower beds in shape. Weeding or mulching. Don't forget about 
those gutters! All the falling leaves are bound to stop them up. We can keep them clean with 
weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.

Let us keep your yard in shape through out the fall.

Area Grass Type:

1. Bermuda Grass - Drought and cold tolerant. Spreads quickly, low maintenance, and loves Sunshine and warmer seasons.

2. Zoysia - Will turn brown in the cold. It is a very slow growing grass. It has stiff blades.

3. Fescue - This grass does well in the shade and is drought tolerant. Often mixed with other grasses for that quality. Loves cooler seasons.

4. St. Augustine - Is meduim to high maintenance. Does like warmer seasons. Makes a thick lawn, that crowds out most weeds.

After No Bags 


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